Yes! We welcome walk in customers. You may use our services by paying cash.

Just drop us an email at ask@post2u.com.my or contact us at 03-5892 1531, our Customer Service team will assist you.

All irregular sized shipments will be measured using L x W x H / 6000 formula to determine the dimensional weight, which will be compared against the actual weight, and whichever higher will be applicable.

Yes, the maximum weight allowed for single piece of shipment is 30kg. Any parcel exceeds 30kg will be charged by an Overweight Surcharge at a per kg rate.

Yes, total dimension (length + width + height) of single piece of parcel should not exceed 150cm. If exceeds 150cm, please send us prior request to ask@post2u.com.my.

No, we do not accept perishable items.

Prohibited items are illegal and dangerous items being restricted by IATA, ICAO and legislation such as explosive items, flammable items, radioactive materials, compressed gas, corrosive materials, poisons and firearms.

It is shipper’s responsibility to ensure proper packaging of the shipment to minimise risk on damage during delivery.

Our delivery window hours are any time before 6:00pm, from Monday to Friday, and any time before 1:00pm on Saturday.

For same day delivery, our call in cut off time is 10:00am, Monday to Friday only.

If we find a location is closed, we may leave the shipment with a neighbour with prior authorisation, or mail slot the delivery if it’s a document. We will leave a note in your mail box to notify our attempt and alert you of the shipment.

Yes, you have to if you are a cash customer. For account holder, you may call our office for pickup.

If our courier arrives and finds that the pickup won’t be ready within 5 minutes, you will be advised to contact our customer service to re-arrange for pickup. There will be a minimum charge (ie. half of the regular pickup rate) for no pickup attempt. A re-attempt for pickup can be made with a minimum charge based on a fresh pickup order made.

You just have to inform us timely in written form of what changes are required before delivery attempt and will do the necessities accordingly.

All the shipments are handled safely and professionally from the point of pickup, right up to the point of delivery.

If we are given a wrong address, we will inform shipper accordingly and do as per instruction from shipper.

You could view the shipment status through “Track Shipment” at www.post2u.com.my or call our customer service for assistance.